Moving office with the help of a moving company 

Your company is about to move to a new office space and you want the moving process to be as fast and smooth as possible? Want to know the best moving company for your needs, the right time to start planning the move and the parties to involve? You will find answers to these questions in our blog post.

Forus specialises in providing full moving services to offices. Read more about our moving services .

Take plenty of time to choose a moving company and plan the move  

We recommend that you contact a moving company two weeks before moving so that you would have enough time to plan and think about the move. Problems usually occur when moving under time pressure and in haste, so the planning should be started early enough to avoid any problems.

Contact the moving company and tell them what you want and need. In most cases, a representative of the moving company wants to visit the site and then make an initial price offer. If both parties agree on everything, you can move forward with the process – agree on the details of the move and the exact time schedule.

The price of the move is affected by a number of factors, such as how many items need to be moved, the route (incl. floors and entrances), any additional services requested, but also, for example, the time of moving (outside normal working hours, the price is somewhat higher). The best moving company is not necessarily one that makes the best price offer, but one that offers the best service for that price.

Think about the services you want from a moving company

It is important to decide which activities you want to do yourself and which you prefer to leave to the moving company. For example, do you want to pack the equipment yourself or leave this task to professionals? (Even in the first case, you can often order all the packaging materials and moving boxes from the moving company). It must also be decided who disassembles and assembles office furniture and installs the office equipment. 

Did you know that, unlike other moving companies, Forus installs not only furniture but also all other office equipment (computers, display screens, printers) and AV equipment (TVs, projectors, speakers, etc.)? Also, we make all high-current and low-current cable connections you need. This way you can order all the services you need from one place, which makes moving faster and easier for you.

Read more about the  moving services Forus offers.

Plan your move so that your daily activities do not have to suffer

One of the biggest concerns when moving is how to make sure that the company's day-to-day operations can continue without the business having to suffer. The best moving company will help you organise this process.

For example, it may be possible to plan the move for a weekend, so that a work week ends in the old location and the new one starts in the new office. (Moving over the weekend may mean a higher fee, but assuming that work interruption means a loss of income for the company, it may still be a better option in the end). 

At the same time, it is not much use if the furniture and equipment arrive in the new office quickly, but the installation of the office equipment is delayed because you have to wait for the installer, or it turns out that a cable is missing in a required place and an electrician is needed. 

While these tasks are not usually a moving company’s job, at Forus we are specialised in moving office spaces and will do all the installation and cabling works ourselves.

Involve the IT team and the network service provider in the move

Modern business almost always requires the smooth operation of the Internet connection (and telephone services). Forus brings the Internet cable to the desired place, but the servers and computer systems must be connected to the network by a company's IT expert and the network service must be switched on by the communication service provider. 

Therefore, in addition to the moving company, it is important that the company's IT team and the communication service provider are involved in the move, so that the duration of network outage is kept to a minimum.

Use the move as an opportunity for improvement

Moving to a new office is a good opportunity to make old wishes come true and design just the work environment that meets the needs of the team and is inspiring.

In addition to the moving service, Forum can also perform any construction and reconstruction works you need. Read more about the  construction services we offer for business and office premises.

Forus – the best moving company in Tallinn for moving office 

We are the only moving company in Tallinn that offers a full moving service for offices, from planning the move to the installation of equipment in conference rooms. 

In addition to moving, we disassemble and assemble the furniture, install office equipment and do any cabling.

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