With modern video surveillance equipment, you can monitor and guard everything all year round and around the clock. In addition to surveillance, the analytical video system can also be used, for example , as a pass-through solution, for monitoring manufacture processes, for vehicle number plate identification and much more. 

Basically, the video surveillance system can do the work which, a few years ago, required several people. Therefore, video surveillance is the best and cheapest alternative to manned guard. Without compromising on quality. In addition to the constant surveillance, the itinerary of the thief in the store can be detected in the recording without having to scroll through the material for hours. The system prepares the recording itself according to the set parameters. Combined with thermal imagers, an intruder can be detected even in the dark.

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Forus Security has been the official representative of Avigilon Motorola Solutions Company since 2014. We offer our customers complete security solutions (video surveillance, access control, analytics, including integration of third-party systems).  

We use the universal video platform UVP to monitor the images of various video systems (Milestone, Mirasys, Hikvision, Dahua, Nuuo, etc.). Even if your recorder or server is not immediately compatible with our software, only a very small investment may be required to replace the recorder and make it compatible with our control centre.  To facilitate the handling of alarms, we ask the customer for position drawings of sensors and cameras. We enter them in the program so that the operators have an adequate overview of the location of the sensor that gave the alarm, the camera closest to it and other important points on the object. If the customer does not have such drawings, we will prepare them ourselves.

Why opt for video surveillance service?

  • More affordable replacement or addition to manned guard

  • Immediate identification of the cause of alarm and prompt response

  • In addition to video surveillance, it is possible to integrate access solutions into the system, monitor manufacture processes, count people, and perform facial or vehicle number plate detection.

  • The user itself can determine what activates the system. For example, an alarm can go off when someone is standing in a certain place for a while or when someone is scribbling on a wall.

  • We also rent video surveillance equipment.

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The video operator at the control centre responds to every alarm and sends a patrol car to site when noticing a suspicious situation at the site. The customer is charged monthly service fee and all patrol calls are included in the monthly fee.


The video operator of the control centre performs video inspections of the object at times agreed with the customer. When a suspicious activity or situation is noticed at the site, a patrol crew is sent to the site and the customer is notified.


According to the agreement with the customer, the operator of the control centre has the possibility to arm and disarm the alarm system, open or close the doors, as well as identify the person if the cameras are in use.


The video monitoring service in the event of alarms means that the operator has a remote overview of what is happening at the site and can assess the situation more easily and act according to the nature of the event.

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  • Allows operative monitoring of the situation at the guarded site in case of alarms. It usually takes longer to send a patrol than to quickly open a camera image.

  • The number of patrol calls without a reason will decrease significantly.

  • Unjustified calls to contacts during off-work hours will be significantly reduced.

  • Adds the ability to perform video patrols.

  • It is also possible to make extracts from the video archives and issue the recorded materials to the customer as well as to law enforcement authorities upon request.


  • the activity in the zone where the alarm was sent from;

  • public areas;
  • aspects concerning fire safety;
  • camera operation and field of view
  • lighting;
  • other circumstances indicating high security risks, such as broken doors, windows, garden, etc.




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