Fire is one of the biggest threats to a company's assets. This could significantly damage manufacture or completely destroy retail premises with goods, not to mention the danger to human lives. Fire safety is of critical importance for property owners and other companies who are responsible for complying with the fire safety requirements established by law. 

Forus has many years of experience in providing complete fire safety services to wood processing and chemical companies, shopping centres and office buildings. We are your partner you can rely on in everything that concerns safety. We also ensure safety on public beaches and swimming pools, we offer respective trainings. We perform risk assessment of threats to the physical security of buildings, facilities and assets, employees and partners. We also offer respective trainings.

We offer safety services from a full-scale management service to fire safety consulting.


I Fire safety services

  • preparation of a self-inspection fire safety report

  • evacuation and fire drills

  • preparation of an action plan in case of a fire

  • fire safety training

  • training for work involving an open flame

  • fire safety inspection

II Consulting and preparation of documentation

  • fire safety consultation

  • initial fire safety instruction

  • preparation of an operational card

  • preparation of fire safety instructions

III Inspection and maintenance

  • fire extinguishers

  • fire hose systems 

  • fire hydrants 

  • fire doors

On March 1, 2021, the amendment to the Fire Safety Act entered into force

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