Educational institutions must have a safe and healthy indoor climate for both children and teachers. 

It is important to ensure the safety of people and property. We help prevent the most common vandalism in schools, such as broken windows or graffiti. Also burglaries, fires and thefts. Failures of technical systems are also a critical risk. We know that school staff is doing a difficult, yet rewarding job, and we support their mission by taking on all the responsibilities associated with real estate.

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  • All security and fire safety services

  • Maintenance of all technical systems, including audit and performance tests

  • General construction and remodelling

  • Energy efficiency concept solutions

  • Design and construction of low voltage systems

  • Internal and outdoors cleaning

  • Traffic management  

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Saates räägime sellest, miks on kasulik võtta kõik kinnisvarahalduse teenused ühest kohast, sest siis pole probleemide tekkimise korral vastutus hajunud. Foruse lahendused on digitaalsed – isegi puhastusteenindajad kannavad kaasas mobiilseid seadmeid, millega saab reaalajas tehtud töid jälgida.

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