In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect answers to their questions and solutions to their problems quickly ‒ often in real time. 

How to always be available to your users and offer them first-rate customer service so that it does not prevent the company’s employees from concentrating on their daily tasks and does not lead to costly investments in additional staff and technology? 

This is where Forus’ call centre helps out.

Why choose Forus’ call centre?     

  • Our call centre service is available round-the-clock, incl. on weekends and public holidays. This way, you are always just one phone call away from your customers.

  • Forus’ call centre employs motivated and experienced operators who have completed thorough training. Excellent customer service is the secret to customer satisfaction!

  • Multilingual support ‒ we can offer the call centre service in Estonian, Russian and English, and upon an agreement in other languages depending on the volume of customer service.

  • Modern technical solutions make it convenient to collect and analyse data, so you will have a detailed overview of all calls at all times.

  • The call centre solution is easy to scale: we can easily cope with a rapid increase in the number of calls, for example during campaign periods. We will agree with the customer on the need to involve additional resources two weeks in advance.

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How does the call centre service work?

Our call centre service is flexible and is based on the needs of a specific customer. We will together prepare a detailed code of conduct that the operators will be guided by when answering calls.

At the end of each call, the system will send you an automatic e-mail notification. Automatic notifications can be replaced by periodic summaries, or we can set up e-mail notifications only for certain types of events. For example, you could select notifications only for events that have been responded to by our patrol staff and technician.  

In addition, the Forus’ call centre service allows receiving signals from various devices. For example, we can monitor temperature fluctuations in refrigeration equipment, which is important, among others, for maintaining the quality of vital medicines and vaccines. We also monitor various servers and recordings on a daily basis.

With Forus, you are available to your customers 24/7

The call centre is the best solution for companies whose customers want to communicate with them by phone on a daily basis but whose core activities do not include customer support. It is also suitable for companies who need to remotely monitor and maintain various weak-current devices. 

With the Forus’ call centre service, you are always just one phone call away from your customers without having to recruit additional staff or invest in costly technical solutions. All the while your team can dedicate itself to their main job and to growing the business.

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If you are interested in a special solution or need assistance in ordering the service, do not hesitate to contact us.