The experienced operators of Forus’ advanced 24/7 call centre makes sure that you can focus on your core business. This without costly investment in help desk jobs and technology. The Forus call centre employees are motivated and trained operators with good language skills and training for customer service.

Call centre is the best solution for a company that has a high load of daily calls and whose core business does not include customer support. By using the call centre service, you save both time and money for the company's core business and you are available to customers 24/7. 

Our call centre service is flexible and provides all necessary information. We prepare for each customer an individual code of conduct that meets their needs. Every call handled by our operators ends with an automatic e-mail sent to you. You can replace the automatic e-mail service with a periodic summary or receive e-mails only when certain types of events occur.

The control centre service also allows for the reception of signals from various devices. For example, we monitor temperature fluctuations in refrigeration equipment, which is important, for example, for maintaining the quality of vital medicines, including vaccines. We also provide daily monitor all kinds of servers or recordings.

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Ask for an offer

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