We offer e-learning in fire safety, water rescue and other areas of security.

E-learning is a great option for the employer because there is no need to assemble all employees at once or interrupt the daily work of the company. Employees can conveniently complete the required training at a time that suits them. Also, there are no other additional costs, such as the need to rent premises, organise transport to the training venue or arrange catering, etc. E-learning also helps save on the costs of several lectures as there is no need to organise separate lectures for different work shifts or groups. 

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We use a personal approach and adapt our trainings to the specifics of your company and building. An employee can go through a training course an unlimited number of times because we know that each person has their own study pace and it is important for us that they learn the subject well. As a rule, we also do a knowledge check at the end of the training to make sure that people have understood the content correctly. Each user in our e-learning platform gets a personal access right, so we can give the employer clear feedback on which employees have passed the training and what the results are. In addition, various occupation environment, fire safety and, if necessary, safety trainings can be created in the platform so that employees can learn how to solve different situations. 

As e-learning cannot fully substitute for face-to-face learning, we recommend ordering a lecture from time to time so our instructor can answer your questions.  

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If you are interested in a special solution or need assistance in ordering the service, do not hesitate to contact us.