Send a tip regarding misconduct, fraud, a security incident, or a violation of health and safety rules related to Forus.

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Please write when the incident occurred, specifying the date (dd/mm/yyyy) and time. If you do not know the exact time, write an approximate time or period by specifying the year and month.
Please write as accurately as possible where the event occurred (country, county, city / rural municipality, district, address). If possible, specify the name of the structural unit of the organisation which is associated with the incident.
Please describe the circumstances of the incident as accurately as possible, incl. what is your role, who are the other parties related to the incident (names and positions), which damage was caused, in your opinion, and the approximate extent of the damage (EUR), and the site or cause of the risk.
Please describe the source which the information originates from. If you were not present when the incident occurred and received the details of the incident through other individuals, please specify their names and contact details. If the occurrence of the incident is proven by documents, photo or video files, provide a list thereof and describe their content briefly.
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