Forus small business surveillance service considers specific features of a small business, such as distribution of premises, the nature of the business and the location. Therefore, the service package includes a wide range of security devices, such as a panic button remote control, an internal alarm and various sensors that help protect the property of the small business owner and ensure security. The Forus small business surveillance solution can also be conveniently controlled from a smart device and in the event of an alarm, you can see in the same device an image of the alarm situation taken with the camera. The Forus small business surveillance service package includes a motion and glass break detector, a smoke and temperature sensor as well as a door sensor. The first of these reacts to the sound of a breaking glass, while the door sensor activates when the door of the guarded building is opened. If the alarm is not deactivated, a loud internal sound alarm will go off and the alarm message will immediately be sent to the Forus control centre.

No cables need to be routed to install a wireless security system, and sensors can be placed where they are most useful. You can add to the package devices that in addition to notifying you of an uninvited guest, will also warn you about a flood caused by, for example, a broken water pipe. You can have an overview of what is going on conveniently from a free mobile application, which also enables you to control the systems.



  • Surveillance service and 24-hour connection with the Forus control centre 

  • FREE installation of the basic package 

  • Maintenance is included in the price 

  • "PROTECTED BY FORUS" stickers

  • Convenient internet and mobile application for using and managing the system 

  • Patrol crew calls are paid separately according to the price list

  • There is no customer liability. For the termination of the contract, 6 months notice is required.

  • Lifetime warranty for equipment rental

  • Both black and white surveillance devices are available




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