The Forus small business surveillance service is the ideal choice for small business owners to protect their property and ensure security in their business premises. The service can be adapted to the needs of your business, taking into account the location of the company, layout of the premises, and nature of the business.

The package includes a wide range of security equipment from various sensors to sirens and a remote control with a panic button. You can conveniently control and configure the entire alarm system in the Forus free web and mobile application using your PC or smart device.

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What does Forus small business surveillance cover?

As a first step after subscribing for the service, we will install the equipment you need for the security of your business premises: sensors, sirens and a remote control with a panic button. The package includes a smoke and temperature sensor, a motion sensor, a glass break sensor and a door sensor.

The glass break sensor reacts to the breaking or the sound of breaking of glass; the door sensor reacts to opening the door of the guarded building. If the alarm is not inactivated, a loud indoor siren will go on, and the Forus control centre will be alerted immediately. The same happens when you use the panic button.

In addition, a leak detector can be installed so that in addition to unwanted guests, the surveillance system also alerts the owner to any water accidents due to, e.g. a broken pipe.

You can conveniently manage the entire security solution in a web or mobile application. In the event of an alarm, you will see a camera image of the situation in the application. 

A wireless security system wherever you need it

A wireless security system is a welcome choice, as no cables are required for installation, and the sensors can be installed in exactly the places where they are most useful. 

The wireless security system fits your interior: we can supply both black and white wireless security devices.

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Why should you choose the Forus small business surveillance service?

  • The surveillance service is connected to the Forus control centre 24/7 (In case of patrol trips, a fee will be added according to the price list)

  • The basic package equipment will be installed free of charge

  • We provide a lifetime warranty for the equipment rented from us

  • You can conveniently manage the service using our free web and mobile app 

  • “FORUS VALVAB” (“FORUS SURVEILLANCE”) stickers keep intruders away

  • The surveillance service contract does not involve any customer obligations (please notify us of termination 6 months in advance)

Forus small business surveillance is the best choice to protect the property of a small business owner. To subscribe for the service, contact us using the form below.



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