FORUS is a new and unique service provider in the Estonian market, providing property management, maintenance and security services as well as customer relationships management under a single brand. 

All three major property service groups together conveniently from a single source, that's the larger image of FORUS.  We pronounce FORUS with a long o [fo: rus].

Our long-term experience, knowledge and advanced technologies help create state-of-the-art smart solutions and services for better real estate management. We strive to be a trailblazer in market development in all our business areas.

Forus employs more than 1,500 people and we are growing bigger and better every day. Forus was born out of the merger of USS Security Eesti AS, Securitas Eesti AS and Ermeesia OÜ under common values and a joint brand in 2021.

Feel free to contact us and ask for an offer, because we are committed to professional and contemporary provision of property services!  

Our slogan or promise is “We care and take care!”

We CARE for our employees, customers and their real estate. 

We TAKE CARE of our employees, customers and their real estate.

Our mission or what, why and for whom is Forus

We are the most preferred employer in the field of real estate services. 

Our long-term development and profitability are based on:

1.  creativity
2.  sustainable way of thinking 
3.  customer satisfaction

What are our values that we follow in our daily work?

1. We are customer-centred 
2. We are cooperation-oriented
3. We are focused on development  

Customer oriented

We sincerely and wholeheartedly care about our customers.

By exercising prudence and foresight based on long-term experience, we are a smart and reliable partner for our customers in managing, maintaining and securing their real estate.


We value ourselves, the customer and the colleague equally.

We always communicate in a friendly, caring way and express ourselves in a simple and clear manner. We keep our promises.


We continuously develop our strengths.

Our knowledge and the best technologies help create cutting-edge smart solutions and services. 

Forus for environmental sustainability

At Forus, we focus on reducing the negative environmental impacts resulting from activities. 

We are leading the way in designing business processes and adopting technologies that help reduce emissions. As an important and large employer, we believe that environmentally considerate business is both commercially sensible and socially necessary. The leaf motif on the Forus logo also symbolizes freshness, growth and an environmentally friendly approach. We reflect the same values in our operations and try to give back to nature whenever possible. 

At Forus, we reduce the environmental impact of our operations by minimizing business travel, using alternative video and communication channels to communicate, reducing electricity, water and paper consumption and waste generation, as well as the use of office equipment and supplies that cause air, land and water pollution. Whenever possible, we recycle materials and ensure that waste is handled safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. The main environmental impact caused by the Forus Group is due to the CO 2 emissions of our vehicle fleet. Therefore, we have set a goal to purchase in the future only vehicles with environmentally friendly engine technologies. We are also introducing employee evaluation criteria and motivation systems that favour green driving. Forus’ workwear is made of high-quality materials and is long-lasting, which enables us to reduce the environmental impact normally caused by disposing of clothes. We support activities that help create a sustainable living environment.

We also take environmental aspects into account when providing our current services and developing new services. In the Forus service package, the services that help our clients manage their real estate sustainably are becoming more and more popular. We optimize customers' real estate costs and minimize negative environmental impact.