At Forus, we believe that every manufacturing company is the strongest in its core business. That's why we take on all safety, security, cleaning, administration and traffic management services. By choosing us as your partner, you can focus on the most important things in your business. We take care of the safety of your employees and visitors and ensure the functioning of the premises environment.

Security plays an important role in all industries - metal, forestry, chemical, food or car industry, mining, etc. Strangers and unauthorized persons should not have an access to the premises of your company. In addition, people must not bring with them anything that could damage the manufacture process. 

One of our strengths is that we can offer your company a solution that covers all security needs, from access control to 24h security. Additionally we perform the maintenance of all technical systems, cleaning services and traffic management.

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  • All security and fire safety services

  • Maintenance of all technical systems, including audit and performance tests

  • General construction and remodelling

  • Energy efficiency concept solutions

  • Design and construction of low voltage systems

  • Indoors and outdoors cleaning

  • Traffic management

Forus offers a complete solution in property management

In the show, we talk about why it’s beneficial to get all your property management services from one place, as this means that the responsibility is not dispersed in case of problems. Forus’ solutions are digital – even the cleaning staff carry mobile devices that enable monitoring the work done in real time.

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