Forus offers customers complete solutions, taking care of the management and maintenance of your real estate technical systems. We control the entire service in a complex and responsible way so that synergies are created between all parties. Our goal is to ensure good building health by creating a pleasant indoor climate for both property owners and tenants to enhance their business.

Maintenance technical manager services:

  • Digital maintenance plans (based on EVS standard)

  • Mapping investment needs and budgeting

  • Advising the customer on technical issues

  • Representation of the customer in technical disputes during the warranty period

  • Responsibility for the technical report

  • Remote monitoring BMS

  • Control and performance of maintenance activities

  • Assessment of the need for ongoing repairs

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  • Plot facilities

  • Main structures

  • Interior structures of the building

  • Heating systems

  • Water supply systems

  • Sewerage and drainage systems

  • Ventilation systems

  • Air conditioning equipment

  • Building automation

  • Gas installation and special gas supply

  • Smoke control and extraction systems

  • Electrical installations, operation management

  • Special equipment and systems 

  • Security systems 

  • Automated fire extinguishing system




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If you are interested in a special solution or need assistance in ordering the service, do not hesitate to contact us.