Technical surveillance is a classic security service. It is the most popular and affordable security service that is suitable for any type of business. 

At Forus, we have set ourselves very high technical surveillance standards and do not ignore any alerts. Our patrol team will arrive immediately in the event of an intrusion, an emergency call or a fire alarm. 

When guarding larger territories, we use, among other things, equipment made by the Estonian manufacturer Defendec, the reliability and capability of which have been tested at military objects and state borders. 

Why should you order technical surveillance from Forus?  

  • The surveillance service has 24/7 connection with the Forus control centre; 

  • The patrol team responds immediately to any alarm and inspects the site;

  • We detect intrusion, fire and panic alarms;

  • We identify the cause of the alarm and its exact source in the building;

  • All events and activities are logged in a database;

  • The system can be easily and conveniently used and managed in the Forus web and mobile application using a smart device or computer.


Forus temporary surveillance is a smart and flexible surveillance solution that is ideal for monitoring objects of a temporary nature, be it a building or a room, a site hut or a construction machine. This surveillance solution can even be used to guard a tool case: a seismic sensor gives an alarm when the tool case is moved. 

The temporary surveillance solution includes technical surveillance, video surveillance and access control. 

The solution is as effective as classic technical surveillance, but differs in terms of greater flexibility.

As the surveillance equipment can be installed quickly, it is well-suited for sites where the area that requires surveillance changes frequently. Wireless sensors are used, which the customer can move to another room as needed.

Temporary surveillance is also suitable for large construction sites where several companies work simultaneously. The surveillance system can be shared between subcontractors to guard their sections of the work. 

The temporary surveillance service includes the following options:

  • video surveillance solution;

  • 24/7 connection with the Forus control centre; 

  • patrol response and site inspection in the event of alarms;

  • helpdesk, account manager and security consulting;

  • surveillance equipment rental.

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At the Forus call centre, we receive different types of alerts and respond quickly, sending out a professional patrol crew whenever necessary. In addition to the Forus team, we have involved a rapid response force, the community-based Forus Drive, across Estonia to ensure security.

The call centre service offers the following options:

  • Identification of the exact location of the source of the alarm in the building;

  • Fire alarm detection;

  • Responding to panic alerts;

  • Identifying the need for medical care;

  • Opening and closing control, reporting security violations;

  • Reception of video image and real-time image monitoring in the event of alerts;

  • Video patrol – real-time video surveillance.

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Full service

In the case of full service, a patrol crew is alerted and will immediately proceed to the site when the Forus control centre receives an alert. They inspect the site. The customer and/or their designated contact persons and, if necessary, the police are notified of the alarm.

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In the case of the combined service, the customer and/or their designated contact persons are notified when the Forus control centre receives an alert. If the customer cannot be contacted, a patrol crew will respond. The customer can cancel the alert within three minutes of receiving the signal by calling the Forum control centre and saying a personal password. All patrol trips are subject to a fee according to the price list.

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In the case of the information service, the customer and/or their designated contact persons are notified when the Forus control centre receives an alert.
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In the case of the callout service, the Forus control centre responds to every call made by a contact person at the guarded object, sending the nearest patrol crew to the site to resolve the situation. The monthly service fee is low because there are no fixed communication costs. The customer pays for each patrol trip according to the price list.

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If you are interested in a special solution or need assistance in ordering the service, do not hesitate to contact us.