Forus security and automation solutions are fully tailor-made. We design and build a solution that best suits the specifics of your company. Of course, we also make sure that the systems work smoothly at all times and in all situations. To confirm this, we provide a guarantee for our own system and take care of the regular maintenance of the equipment.

Our experienced technicians operate all over Estonia and are ready to install and maintain complex systems at any time. If you order installation, maintenance and security from us, you will have all your problems resolved 24/7, because our customer support is always ready to help you.

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  • fire alarm systems;

  • sound and notification systems;

  • 112 alarm transmission systems;

  • smoke extraction systems;

  • evacuation lighting;

  • computer and communication networks;

  • security systems;

  • video systems;

  • entry systems;

  • smart home and automation solutions.


Keyless entry systems are the best solution for your company if you need to open and close doors or other passages remotely. At the same time, keyless systems enable you to control your business while you are away and prevents you from running back and forth with keys. The technology of keyless entry systems is mainly used in, for example, accommodation establishments, rental apartments, luggage and laundry rooms, sports grounds and gyms, changing rooms, utility rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

With our keyless systems, in addition to doors, you can also control gates, barriers and turnstiles from a distance.  Entry systems are suitable for both new and already installed doors. If desired, in addition to the remote-controlled door lock, we can also install a security camera. You can control and operate the system from a computer, smart device or smartphone. 

Keyless systems are convenient and secure.

You can create different user groups for keyless systems and manage separate access, for example, for visitors, service staff, etc. Access can be granted with both a code and a card. We also offer you 24 hour customer support with this service. For example, if a visitor cannot remember the code, they can call the Forus customer support and a new code will be issued to them after answering the verification question. If necessary, a Forus technician will come to the rescue. As an additional service, we offer post-visit cleaning or solving of minor technical problems. 

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If you are interested in a special solution or need assistance in ordering the service, do not hesitate to contact us.