We offer several outdoor cleaning solutions, including:

  • Maintenance of outdoor area, incl. cleaning of sidewalks, maintenance of car parks, emptying of rubbish bins, cleaning of the surroundings of rubbish containers and base areas, flag hoisting

  • Winter maintenance of outdoor area, including anti-slip maintenance, snow removal and cleaning (from roads and roofs), icicle removal

  • Landscape maintenance, including lawn mowing, trimming, leaf collection and removal, plant care and watering   

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The cleaning services by Forus Haldus meet all needs of the customers

According to Marten Liiva, Head of the Property Maintenance Department, Forus offers the customers everything they need, from maintenance cleaning, that is, a cleaner to regularly visit the customer, up to special tasks such as deep floor cleaning, waxing, window cleaning, facade cleaning, etc.

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