Forus' professional manned guard, together with modern surveillance technology, is the best security solution for guarding large and complex objects. The task of our employees is to prevent dangerous situations and conflicts and to act operatively in emergencies. The security guard is constantly in contact with the control centre, from where we send patrol crews to the site, if necessary.

On a daily basis, our security guard is a member of your team, whom you can rely on in any daily as well as emergency security issues. A security guard is the administrative manager’s or hotel administrator’s right-hand man who helps solve simpler customer service problems at the workplace. He/she also provides expert assistance in emergency situations, such as evacuation in the event of a fire. 

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Security guards perform various tasks, on the one hand establishing security and on the other hand serving as a customer service representative. In order to work more efficiently, our security staff usually has "extra eyes" or a video system, which enables them to monitor what is happening on the site without leaving their workplace.

Communication skills

Our security staff performs various administrative tasks at the customer's site, often acting as the direct contact person in the communication with customers. In this regard, our people are required to have good communication skills.

We are, first of all, committed to ensuring the quality of security service. For this purpose, we carry out random night inspections of our patrol teams, plan tours based on NFC technology and check registration for work via the Forus control centre. We also offer internal control service to help detect possible external or internal scams. 

Based on the customer's work specifics, we also carry out in-house trainings and exercises for Forus employees, and, if necessary, also for the customer's staff. We do what it takes to ensure that things run smoothly in your company at all times! 


For more complex objects, we provide the customer with a contact person whose task is to assess different risks based on the specifics of the object. Our experienced security managers are constantly informed of what is going on and they will give you feedback and also make appropriate suggestions on how to further increase security.  

If you want to order a manned guard for your object, please contact us and ask for an offer!

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