At Forus, we have long-term experience in providing manned guard services, during which we have won the trust of Estonia’s largest shopping centres, retail chains, manufacturing and transport companies. Forus professional manned guard and modern surveillance technology are the best security solutions for large and complex objects. 

What does the manned guard service cover?

The task of the manned guard is to do everything to ensure that things run smoothly in your company at all times. 

A Forus security guard is a member of your team, who you can rely on for any everyday or emergency security issues. On a daily basis, the guard assists your administrative manager or administrator in handling basic customer service issues. 

The security guard also anticipates dangerous situations and conflicts and acts swiftly and professionally in crises. For example, they provide expert assistance in arranging an evacuation in the event of a fire hazard.

For more efficient work, our security guards usually have “extra eyes” – a video system that allows for monitoring the site without leaving the workplace. The guard also has a constant connection with the control centre, from where we send patrol crews to the site whenever necessary.

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Why should you prefer Forus?

Professional team. Our team members have received thorough training. In addition to ensuring security, the security guard is often the direct contact person for your customers, which is why we only hire people with good social skills who remain correct in every situation. 

Personal service and security manager. For more complex sites, you as a customer will have a contact person at Forum whose task is to assess the specific risks of your site. The security manager has a constant overview of what is happening at the site, based on which they will give you feedback and recommendations on how to further improve security.

To ensure the quality of the security service, our patrol teams carry out random checks at night, use NFC technology-based inspections, and check attendance through the Forus control centre. In addition to the patrol team, the service quality is inspected by our internal control department.

We also offer an internal control service that helps detect any external and internal fraud schemes. 

Based on the specifics of the customer’s operations, we organise training and exercises for Forus employees and customer staff. In addition to classroom learning, we also offer e-learning.

The price of manned guard at your site

The price of manned guard depends on several factors, such as the size of the site, the number of security guards and the equipment required. Contact us for a price quotation for manned guard services at your location.

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If you are interested in a special solution or need assistance in ordering the service, do not hesitate to contact us.