Forus is the leading provider of commercial real estate management services in Estonia. Our portfolio features over a hundred commercial premises in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu, including commercial buildings, retail and warehouse spaces and shopping centres. We offer flexible full solutions for real estate owners, developers and foundations. 

Why choose Forus to provide commercial real estate management services? 

Professional management of commercial real estate ensures that the property’s value is maintained over time, saves time and resources, and guarantees the satisfaction of owners and tenants. Our advantages:

  • more than 10 years of experience in commercial real estate management

  • tailor-made solutions according to customer needs 

  • a professional team

  • innovative digital solutions to save time and money

  • rapid exchange of information with tenants and problem solving 

What does the real estate management service include?

Property management includes the following standard services:

  • organising procurements related to the maintenance of the property and monitoring the performance of contracts

  • maintaining technical systems and arranging periodic inspections (including electricity, heating, water supply and water heating systems)

  • supervising maintenance works (including indoor and outdoor cleaning, snow removal, lawn mowing and landscaping) 

  • concluding utility contracts, recording and transmitting meter readings to service providers and accountants

  • arranging minor repairs according to a budget agreed with the customer

  • management and storage of records 

  • exchange of information with tenants and registration of notifications within 24 hours

  • emergency response

We also offer various support services at the customer’s request, from moving management administration.

Each building is the responsibility of a personal manager, who organises the conclusion of utility, maintenance and upkeep contracts, supervises the subcontractors working on the site, organises maintenance and repairs, and handles all other day-to-day matters.

Commercial real estate management with a view to the future

Commercial real estate management is not just about everyday management and maintenance activities. We advise our customers on all matters related to real estate management, including the planning of capital expenditures and activities, so that real estate investments would continue to serve their purpose in the best possible way in the future as well. 

We are constantly working to provide the best technical solutions in the industry that save time, money and the environment. Read more about the Forus property management platform.

Forus offers a complete commercial property management service based on your company’s needs. 

Forus Haldus takes the convenience of management services to a new level for the customer

One of the competitive advantages of Forus Haldus is, undoubtedly, their management software, which allows customers to see the operations performed on their real estate object on a daily basis. The tenants performing their daily operations in the building can write down any issues they have and the shortcomings discovered – tenants are given access to the software so they can report a problem.

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