We manage various retail and warehouse premises.

We manage, for example, the following shopping malls:

  • Stroomi keskus

  • Arsenali keskus

  • Mustika Kaubanduskeskus

  • Magistrali Kaubanduskeskus

  • Tooma 3, Rimi

We manage, for example, the following warehouses:

  • Kesk tee 14, Jüri

  • Kesk tee 16, Jüri

  • Aruküla tee 51

  • Koplipere 29

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Forus Haldus gives the customer a new level of convenience with management services

One of the competitive advantages of Forus Haldus is the property management software, which allows customers to see the operations carried out on their property on a daily basis. Tenants are given access to the software, so they can quickly report any problems and concerns. 

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