Visitors and residents of hotels, dormitories, guest apartments and spas expect security in addition to impeccable service. Also functioning technical systems and a good indoor climate. Forus ensures the best visiting experience for your customers and enables your employees to focus on their main duties.

Digitized services provide a clear overview of quality and allow to find an optimized solution.

Our staff has long-term experience and expertise in servicing the hotel sector.

One contact that is available 24/7.

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  • Real estate management

  • All security and fire safety services

  • Maintenance of all technical systems, including audit and performance tests

  • General construction and remodelling

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification

  • Energy efficiency concept solutions

  • Design and construction of low voltage systems

  • Removals

  • Internal and outdoors cleaning

  • Traffic management  

Forus offers a complete solution in property management

In the show, we talk about why it’s beneficial to get all your property management services from one place, as this means that the responsibility is not dispersed in case of problems. Forus’ solutions are digital – even the cleaning staff carry mobile devices that enable monitoring the work done in real time.

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