Haldur is the first real estate management software tailor-made according to the needs of business customers, and we have been developing it since 2018. The software is used by commercial, office and retail spaces across Estonia.

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Real estate management software Haldur – the best solution for commercial real estate management 

The real estate management software brings together all property management and maintenance information in one place, including communication between the owner, manager, tenants and service providers. 

Thanks to the software, an overview of the technical condition of the property, its energy consumption, shortcomings and works in progress is easily available at any time. This allows you to optimise property management costs and make fact-based decisions when planning investments. 

Features of the Haldur software 

  • Cost statistics and optimisation. The software compiles statistics on the energy consumption of the building (heating, ventilation, cooling and electricity) and the costs of maintenance services. Data can be visualised and compared to identify opportunities for saving costs. Thanks to smart algorithms, the software makes recommendations for optimising costs and managing the building in a more environmentally sustainable way. 

  • Effective information exchange between all parties 24/7. With the software, tenants can easily be given access to all the necessary information (such as plans, safety instructions, contact information and utility bills). Users can report their concerns – and replies by the manager and maintenance partners and the course of response are recorded in the same environment. 

  • Technical overview of the condition of the building. The sotware allows for mapping the technical condition of the building and identifying any anomalies. It helps plan future work and investments. Users can upload maintenance documents so that these are available for inspection at any time. 

  • Flexible and secure data management. Each building is unique, which is why the software can handle the specific information needed for each customer and building. Users are given access only to the data they need. 

  • Useful added features. For example, stock level of maintenance supplies, analysis of visitation statistics based on counter data, entry of campaign information and special offers visible to other tenants, etc. Consult our representative about all the optional features.

A real estate management software that puts the data to work for you

The Haldur property management software gives a commercial property owner a complete overview of the building’s technical condition and maintenance activities, simplifies information exchange, helps optimise costs and make fact-based business decisions.

Forus Haldus gives the customer a new level of convenience with management services

One of the competitive advantages of Forus Haldus is the property management software, which allows customers to see the operations carried out on their property on a daily basis. Tenants are given access to the software, so they can quickly report any problems and concerns. 

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