Digihaldur is an information exchange environment between commercial real estate owner, manager, maintenance bearer and tenant, where the daily use of the commercial real estate is stored and an overview of the technical condition of the building is provided.

The primary purpose of the Digital Administration system is to provide the owner and operator with an overview of the energy consumption of the building's technical systems - heating, ventilation, cooling and electricity - as well as the ancillary costs related to the maintenance of technical systems and maintenance services.
Aggregated information also gives the property owner confidence that their property is managed well and at a fair cost . The use of collected data and the application of calculation algorithms help apply the information obtained through the Digital Administration system in making informed decisions.

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  • It helps map the condition of the building and notice deviations in technical systems

  • Plan further investments and optimize expenses.

  • The system enables smooth exchange of information between all parties 24/7.

  • Allows you to enter information based on the needs of a specific customer and building.

  • The system has fact-based statistics that you can use to your advantage in the future.



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