Build an energy-saving and sustainable building or renovate an existing one

Buildings are responsible for around 40% of the energy consumed in the European Union, while up to 50% of this energy is used inefficiently. In addition, approximately 40% of CO2 emissions are related to buildings or their construction.

There is know-how and solutions available today that can significantly reduce the energy consumption and management costs of buildings, and make the indoor climate agreeable for users by fostering a sense of well-being. As a bonus, you will also be significantly reducing your company’s environmental footprint.

What are the advantages of an energy-efficient green building?

Väiksemad energia- ja
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Hea sisekliima, mis tagab hoone kasutajate või elanike heaolu ja tervise

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What makes a building an energy efficient green building? 

  Efficient use of water, energy and other resources

  At least part of the building’s energy needs are covered by renewable energy produced on site; for example, with the use of solar panels

  Reuse and recycling practices reduce pollution and waste

  Good indoor air quality

  The use of ethical and sustainable materials that are not harmful to our health

  The surrounding environment is an integral part of the planning, construction and use of the building

  The well-being of the residents or users is an integral part of the planning, construction and use of the building

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Where to start?

In order to achieve the maximum results, the question of energy efficiency should already be involved in the planning of the building, but a lot can also be done in the project phase or after a building is finished. We pay attention to various aspects at each stage to reach the best possible solution.


   The position of the building on the plot

 Facade solutions and arrangement and quantity of windows

 Outdoor solutions

 Transport access

 Parking solutions

 Rainwater collection systems

 Renewable energy solutions

 Economical layout of rooms and points of access

 Amount of daylight and pleasing views


  Choice of materials

  Lighting solutions

  Technical systems and energy use

  Indoor climate

  Energy and water use and measurement systems

  Green construction

  Building automation and management systems

  Charging solutions for electric cars


  Energy audit to find the best solutions for reconstruction

  Survey of building users to identify potential concerns

  More economical maintenance and administrative processes

  Waste management

  Cleaning – green products and equipment

  Landscaping of outdoor areas

 Green energy contract

8 tips on how to plan and build an energy efficient building

How to make the building energy efficient, environmentally friendly and with low maintenance costs?

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