Forus specialises in electrical work for business customers in Tallinn and the surrounding area, including the operation and maintenance of electrical installations.     

More than 120 contractual customers use our services, including commercial businesses (shops, chain stores, shopping centres), offices and apartment associations. We plan to expand our services to other towns.  

We make sure that your electrical installations are always in working order and safe. In case of failures, we respond to customer calls within three hours.


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Our services: 

1. Operation of electrical installations

Operation of electrical installations, meaning regular maintenance of electrical installations, includes the preparation of the operation plan and operation log, based on which, regular inspection is made and documented If any shortcomings are discovered during the inspection, the necessary electrical work must be carried out to eliminate the shortcomings.

Forus has A-level competence to operate and maintain all categories of electrical installations.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the electrical installation by an operator is mandatory if your main fuse size is higher than 100 amperes.

By law, electrical installation operation management is mandatory if the rated current of the main circuit breaker of the property is more than 100 A. In this case, the company needs to find a person nominated in control of an electrical installation, to map the electrical installation and be liable for the required documents. As a rule, an operation contract is concluded for 1–2 years. 

Have one operator take care of your electrical installation and do all the necessary electrical work: ask for a quote from our account manager.

2. Nõrkvoolu ja tugevvoolu elektritööd 

Our team carries out various electrical installation work, including:



power sockets

electrical switchboards

We also install data cabling.

3. Additional services from engineering consulting to audits

In addition to installation, we offer consultations by an electrical engineer and help plan and design electrical installations (as-built drawings). 

With the help of certified partners, we organise audits of the electrical installations for our customers (regular technical inspection and issue of a certificate of conformity), as well as electrical engineering measurements and photometry, and provide other services needed.

All electrical works for business customers in one place

You can trust all regular and extraordinary electrical works to Forus, from the inspection of evacuation and emergency lighting up to the installation of lighting fittings.  In case of failures and issues, our experienced technicians are just a phone call away, responding to customer calls within 3 hours.

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If you are interested in a special solution or need assistance in ordering the service, do not hesitate to contact us.