Forus construction department is mainly focused on the construction of commercial and office premises, by offering a comprehensive service both in new constructions and in the reconstruction of existing premises. 

Our services include the organization of construction work, which ensures that the completed construction meets the customer's targets with pre-scheduled time and financial resources.

Members of the Forus construction department have long-term experience in the construction and project management of both commercial and retail premises. 

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The goal of the team is to provide a professional construction service and create a lasting relationship with both customers and partners. Based on our experience, we can say that harmonious cooperation between the customer, the designer and the builder ensure maximum results. Our team members have professional knowledge and long-term work experience, which gives them the most important advantage over competitors. In addition, they regularly attend in-service training, which gives the customer assurance and peace of mind that their projects are managed by professionals in their field.

In addition to the construction of office premises, we are also able to manage and carry out the entire design and construction process, from setting the initial task by the customer to obtaining a permit for use.



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